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Always wondered how to download those youtube vidoes for free? Well here is the solution. Web Video Fetcher,an award winning and free Online Youtube Video Downloader tool that you can use to convert your youtube video to MP3,jpg,mp4 and more formats.

What does it do?

    WebVideoFetcher.com is a free internet videos download application which allows you to convert nearly any audio or video URL from YouTube, MySpace, Google, Facebook and 100 more sites to common formats with absolutely no waiting time, this is what makes us special. Lets Begin!!!

    When you enter the URL from your media page, our application will try to detect the media file. Afterwards the system grabs the media file and converts it realtime. There it will be converted to your choosen format and after finishing the conversion you are able to download the file.

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  • Download any format

    All the popular formats for like FLV , AVI , Mp4 , Mp3 , AAC are supported.

  • No Waiting Time

    Instantly download and convert any video with no waiting time ever.

  • Lots of Sites

    We support over 100+ sites for Video downloading and are constantly growing.

  • 100% Free Ever

    Services will be free for ever, just need your financial support.

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